Audio Visual Records

Prof. Jane Francis, palaeoclimatologist research into the fossil record and its relation to climate change and other environments today.

Dr. Paul Ensom mapping the recurrence of patch reefs in different parts of the island at varying heights occurring outside of the roach bed.

Prof. Michael House, pointing out the bedding planes in Jordan Quarry and trace fossils at Bowleaze Cove.

Antony Gormley sculptor discussing the meaning of ‘Still Falling’, a life sized figure incised into the living rock face where the whole section of the geological record can be read.

Dr Tom Mason ‘deep time in rock’ with fragments of moon-rock and discussion of rock face on East Cliff.

George Davey retired stone masons working history including Regent Street using hand tools – a ‘boaster’ curved facade.

Brian Otter stone mason and carver demonstrating skills while carving Skylarks Stone.

‘Pixe’ Peter Stone quarryman interpreting the East Cliff and quarry marks.

Recording the last extraction of the floor of Admiralty Quarry (an ancient fossil sea bed) for aggregates.

Blasting the top level of Bowers Quarry reveals the fossil record including stromatolites and fossil trees in their original soil bed.

Ken Dolbear photographic record of┬áPortland’s Ecology.

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Audio Visual Records
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